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Christmas Help For Those In Wichita, Kansas

friendshelpingfriends started this conversation

Christmas Sharing Program

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving.

Each year, Catholic Charities extends the joy of Christmas by providing toys to infants and children through age 17 and food for individuals and families. Families qualifing for the federal food assistance or whose children are eligible or enrolled in the federal school lunch program may enroll for Christmas Sharing Program.


Catholic Charities works with Salvation Army and Inter-Faith Ministries' Operation Holiday to avoid duplicating help and to ensure more people in community can access help.

Catholic Charities Christmas Sharing enrollment for families needing assistance will be Nov. 16 – 19 at 5725 E. Kellogg, just East of Edgemoor. Tuesday, Nov. 17, a Vietnamese translator will be available for those who do not speak English. Specific times will be appointed to those who requested more information. The following information will be needed during enrollment:

• A personal photo ID for the person applying
• Official document(s) with Social Security Numbers and Birth Dates for each adult and child in the household (these can be in the form of a school document)
• Proof of household income for the past 30 days, such as payroll stub or a bank statement with deposit information on it.
• Proof of household address must be shown in the form of a utility bill or other mail received within the past 30 days and include the applicant or family name.

Once all the information is verified and the income criteria is verified, applicants will be scheduled to pick up items on Dec. 11 or 12. Applicants may not apply with another Christmas program in Wichita. Information on applicants is checked for duplication.

To learn how you can help at Christmas Sharing, click here.

To read about last year's Christmas Sharing Program, click here.

Click here to see a list of Catholic Churches and Organizations that helped make Christmas Sharing possible in 2008.

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I'm a single father of three boys. I did not know when to do all this so we will do with out Christmas this year ! Sucks for my kids but we live and learn. last year I scraped together a little Christmas this year not going to happen.
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I'm knew at this I didn't know when to apply for help until it was to late. I got a job and just lost it and been trying hard to get another one till my car gave out on me and broke down. I have two wounderful kids that deserve a christmas and I don't know what to do. I'm praying for an angel badly.
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I don't have my child's social security card or birth certificate but I do need help with Christmas this year what should I do?
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how can someone apply if no way to get there
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